Advisors : 1. Prof. Siriwat Wongsiri (The President of Asian Apicultural Association)
2. Dr. Ing. Ir. Hadi Daryanto, D.E.A (Director General ofSocial Forestry and Environmental Partnership, Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia)
3. Denaldy M. Mauna (The President of Indonesian Apicultural Association)
4. Prof.Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu,MA (Rector of Hasanuddin University)
5. Muhammad Tamzil, MP (Head of South Sulawesi Provincial Forestry Office)
Steering Committee : 1. Masyhud, MM
2. M. Chandra Widjaja, MM
3. Kuntadi, Msc.
4. Wawan Darmawan, MBA
5. Budi Santoso, MBA
Scientific Committee : 1. Dr. M. Sahlan (Universitas Indonesia)
2. Dr. Rika Raffiudin (Bogor Agriculture University)
3. Dr. Soesilawati Hadisoesilo (Guelph University alumni)
4. Dr. Sih Kahono (Indonesian Institute of Sciences)
Organizing Committee : 1. Drs. James S Hutagalung, MKes (National Organizer)
2. Dr. Ardo Sabir (Local Organizer)
3. Ir. Moh. Khodziq, CDFOM, CDCE, ATD (Registration)
4. Lies Bahunta (Exhibition)
5. Emilia Dewayanti (Finance)
6. Didik B. Purwanto (Secretariat)
7. M. Yusri Satriana (Accommodation)

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