It is very attractive local object to see over the conference, first is the stingless bees village in the very valuable propolis production provided by stingless bees, second is the bees tree as the nesting site Apis dorsata and third is long tradition cemetry cave in Toraja


Masamba Stingless Bees Village (South Sulawesi)

Apis dorsata (South Sulawesi) (picture site : Alor, Nusa Tenggara)

Toraja Cemetery Cave (South Sulawesi)

Please one step ahead to see the paradise of Indonesia where are favorable place to visit : Bali, Raja Ampat (Papua), Bunaken (North Sulawesi), Wakatobi (South Sulawesi), Komodo (Nusatenggara), Rinjani (Lombok island), Kelimutu (Nusatenggara)



Raja Ampat Sea Park (West Papua)

Bunaken Sea Park (North Sulawesi)

Wakatobi Sea Park (South Sulawesi)

Komodo Natural Park (Nusa Tenggara)

Rinjani Mountain (Nusa Tenggara)

Kelimutu Crater (Nusa Tenggara)